Dec 292016

This project has base on the  K3NG Arduino keyer open-source firmware adding many features and flexibility.

The firmware is open source code provided by K3NG so you can customize it to fit your needs.

The Keyer is suitable as a standalone keyer or for keying the radio via the USB port from a connected computer and your favoured contest logging software or for daily operation.


    • CW speed adjustable from 1 to 99 WPM
    • Programming and interfacing via USB port (“command line interface”)
    • Logging and Contest Program Interfacing via K1EL Winkey 1.0 and 2.0 interface protocol emulation
    • Optional PTT outputs with configurable lead, tail, and hang times
    • Up to 12 memories with macros
    • Serial numbers
    • CW keyboard (via a terminal server program like Putty or the Arduino Serial program)
    • Speed potentiometer (optional – speed also adjustable with commands)
    • QRSS and HSCW
    • Beacon / Fox mode
    • Iambic A and B
    • Straight key support
    • Ultimatic mode
    • Bug mode
    • CMOS Super Keyer Iambic B Timing
    • Paddle reverse


The keyer features one radio port with a optically isolated PTT keying line as well as the CW keying line.

The paddle is connected with a standard 6.3mm Stereo Jack compatible with most modern radios.

Via the USB connector  of the Arduino Nano plug-in board the keyer can communicate with a PC.

The chip drivers(FTDI FT232R, CH340)  will provide virtual serial COM port on the computer which is then available to external loggers for communicating with the keyer.

Here you can download the schematic, parts list, and Gerber files for my CW Keyer PCB. Click here to download

Source code is located on GitHub .  Click on the green button Clone or download and next click  on the Download Zip button on the lower right to get all the code in a ZIP file.

The CW keyer supported almost all LogBook applications (Log4Om, Logger32, N1MM, etc) where have supported the  K1EL winkey protocol 1.0 & 2.0

Userfull links

  1. K3NG Arduino keyer open-source firmware
  2. nanoKeyer
  3. The UNO Keyer
  4. Winkey+ (for support Logger32)
  5. Log4OM
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  34 Responses to “CW Keyer with Arduino Nano”

  1. Where can I buy the kit from?

  2. Hi Yiannis, its no possible to send data over your contact form (e-mail don’t accepts) 73 de Sven

    • Hello de kd5sbp
      By any chance do you still have any pcbs
      Left if so I would like to get one
      I’m considering building one to work with my alinco dx8srt
      Mailing address is good on by callsign

  3. Hi,
    Do you still have a spare PCB for sale or trade for other hamradio things.
    I wish you all the very best.

  4. Thank you Yiannis!

  5. A very good afternoon
    Where can I buy the kit from?

    • Dear George,

      I don’t sell kit. but I can check if have Pcb piece available to send to you.
      Please provide you contact details to my email.

      73, SV5FRI

  6. CW – Keyer is just in progress (work) … 😉

  7. Hi
    I Just built the keyer today to your circuit, thanks for that, I have tried to load it into a nano and have done so , the keyer part works fine and I can adjust the speed, but when I press the command button all I get is one low freq bleep, and that doesn’t seem to work every time, there is a pull up of 10k ohms to the switch but it doesn’t enter into the menus,
    maybe there is another option I haven’t enabled or so??
    do you have a preconfigured file (even a hex file would be ok) that I could load to test the circuit out
    hope you can help.
    Thanks Paul 2E0AQU

    • Dear Paul,

      I have send you on your email my version where I used.

      Αt your disposal
      73 Yiannis de SV5FRI

      • Hi Yiannis
        Thanks for the code you sent me, i have had a few health issues of late and put this project on one side but now i am ok again i have picked it back up. i have got it working great as a keyer BUT i have problems with N1MM using it as a winkeyer. it works some times but not always, it loses TX focus often and other problems like that, have you found any issues with using this as a winkeyer? i am using a clone Nano with CH240 chip (Drivers installed fine)
        Hope 2020 is a good year for you.
        best 73

  8. Hi Yannis.
    Do you still have a pcb of your K3NG keyer available?
    73s Christiaan PA3FUN

    • Sorry I dont have any stock. Due to with the Covid-19 I can not send my order to print new PCB’s.
      I believe soon I will can make new orders.

  9. Hi Yannis.
    If you order printed circuit boards, can I get one? Of course I will pay the shipping costs. Let me know ( on this e-mail) when this happens

  10. Hi Yiannis.
    I made a WinKey to your scheme. All functions work, for example, it works well from the CWTYPE program, but there is no sound when the key is connected. I am using a single key KENT. Perhaps you need to make some changes to the sketch?
    Thank. Best Regards 73!

    • Hi Sergey,

      I have check my sketch with iambic and single key and work fine. The cw keyer recognized the key when connected at power up.
      please check from firmware if you have enable the tone.

      Please check and inform me.

      73, Yiannis de SV5FRI

  11. Hi Yannis.
    Is it possible to simultaneously connect to a computer and connect to a power source, for example 9 volts, to connector X5?
    Regards! Sergey UR4IOR 73!

  12. Hi Yannis.
    Do you still have a pcb of your K3NG keyer available?
    73s Domenico IZ8XTV

  13. Thanks 73 my friend

  14. Hi Yannis,

    Were you able to get any PCBs in recently? I would love to try to make this keyer.


    Cierra KN4LIA

  15. Hello Yiannis,
    do you have still a pcb aviable ?
    I would like to get one.

  16. Dear Yiannis,

    please send me 2 pcs of PCB. Also send me your account number to cover the costs.
    Thank you very much.

    73 Miki, OM6MS

    My address:
    Mikulas Sostronek
    Jablonova 518/2
    03104 Liptovsky Mikulas
    Slovak Republic

  17. Hello Yiannis,
    do you have still a pcb aviable ?
    I would like to get two.

    73 de Miky OM6MS

  18. Dear Yannis, My name is Emil ZS1XB / ZS6EGB. I would like to receive also onof your CW boards.
    My email is I live close to Cape Town, Regards, Emil

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