Installation and Configuration Script for Dxspider

With this script you can install and configure in the few minutes the DxSpider Cluster For any issue or support relevant to script: Create issue ticket here Use comment or contact form Installation Steps Download script. wget Must be run as root user. Uncompress & change permissions tar xvfz dxspider_installation_script-master.tar.gz cd dxspider_installation_script-master chmod +x […]

CW Keyer with Arduino Nano

CW Keyer with Arduino Nano

This project has base on the  K3NG Arduino keyer open-source firmware adding many features and flexibility. The firmware is open source code provided by K3NG so you can customize it to fit your needs. The Keyer is suitable as a standalone keyer or for keying the radio via the USB port from a connected computer […]

Run DxSpider as service on the Raspbian

How to run dxspider as service. Create init script with name dxpider as root user in the below path /etc/init.d/ cd /etc/init.d touch dxspider vi dxspider Create script with name dxspider and like as below